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Google Adwords Services

At botsIT we offer most effectively and best google AdWords services that will help you to drive buyers to the site. Our highly experienced team will not only manage keywords, bids but will also help you build highly converting landing pages as well. We ensure you hundreds of leads by running a successful google AdWords campaigns.

Make your Campaigns Successful

With a proven track-record in local campaigns, we optimize your campaigns based on your business requirements. We constantly keep a close eye to monitor the progress then analyze the report to find out which adset or campaign is giving us best ROI so that we can work accordingly. Our team target the specific keywords and phrases that are creating leads.

Our Experts are fully qualified and google ad word certified partners taking care of every crucial step in your Adwords campaign management and delivering you the best advertising results. Our mission is to get your business the exposure it deserves by composing different ads for each keyword with lots of customizing options. In order to attract the potential audience, we identify the basic aim of your campaign by handling keywords, bids, ads, budgets, match options and tracking of ongoing campaigns.

We are proud of ourselves that we fulfill all your business requirements by going above and beyond your expectations. We also provide monthly reports which include clicks, impressions and conversions as well.


Google adwords offer Pay Per Click (PPC) that includes

3D,Graphic and Canvas Drawing

FullScreen API

Video/Audio Streaming Support

Focus Managment in HTML

How We Work?

Our highly experienced Adwords professional help you in increasing your brand awareness, lead generation, increasing sales and building instant traffic. With us, you get the surety to get maximum clicks and high conversion rates.

Initial Analysis & Implementation

We analyze the complete data to find which keyword performs most favorably and which is not. After analyzing the report, we then update keywords, texts, links and bidding options that will align to your business goals.

Conversion Tracking & ROI Analysis

We monitor your keywords on which campaign is running to find out which keyword generate revenue. Then we focus on the specific keywords to generate more leads and increase the sales

Ad Variation and Search Advertising

To best reflect the traffic on your website, we keep a check on the engagement of search network advertising to adjust bids on each targeted keyword. We test multiple ads to determine which ads lead to high conversion rates.

Monthly Maintenance

To be sure the campaign is running smoothly, we review the account on monthly basis. This helps us to determine that which area of the running campaign can be improved. We keep on improving results by changing keywords constantly.

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